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our history

Imagine Life is a UK brand, created by Beart & Gibson a British company with a unique international activity since 1997, aiming to make a difference in customers’ lives, helping them feel great both physically and mentally. From day one, Imagine Life was created to empower healthy living.

Established in Hemel Hempstead in 2013 we supply one of the highest quality food supplement products: Imagine A, Imagine B, Imagine J and Imagine Syrup for kids, which are all-natural, with a unique formula, sustainably sourced, and free from any artificial ingredients. We have grown a lot, since Prof.Dr.Ssali, a medical doctor and researcher in herbal medicines, created the combination formula of the nutritional support supplements.

Our aim is to introduce up to 26 products all naturally sourced, healthy and beneficial for your overall wellbeing with our next focus on Back Seed Oil and Moringa.
100% Organic
100% Natural

Maintaining Balance in Your Life is Important

At Imagine Life we believe that good health is key to a long and happy life. Our mission is to provide value in our products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. We’re committed to sourcing nature’s most powerful ingredients to bring you the purest and most advanced natural supplements. We only use premium grade ingredients from nature’s best; fruits vegetables and plant hormones, in our bespoke formulas that are research-backed and deliver true benefits, free from unnecessary additives and many common allergens.

Start Your Nourished Wellness Journey

Imagine Life multivitamin is your daily insurance policy to ensure you’re gettting the most essential vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants you need to help feel your very best. As people seek new ways to enhance and extend their health span, and also fuel their personal resiliency, Imagine Life is here to help them achieve their goals.
Meaningful doses adn the comprehensive formula of up to 29 nutrients in just one capsule, taken together in combination or on its own, mean you can replace the majority of your other supplements – saving you time, hassle and money!

Imagine A, Imagine B, and Imagine J contain strong and effective doses of:

  • zinc,
  • folic acid.
  • selenium,
  • vitamins C, D B6, B12, A, and E

which are crucial components of any multivitamin because they are essential to strong immune function, gut and joints, especially of those suffering from arthritis, diabetes, hormone imbalance etc.

CoQ10, one of the many components of Imagine B, is an increasingly popular ingredient that’s been getting a huge amount of attention lately as it has been shown to support heart health, improve blood sugar regulation and reduce oxidative stress.

Everything Starts From Within You

With stress levels rising and people looking for ways to boost their immunity levels and get proper nutrition, wellness experts say this could be an ideal time for you to start a supplements routine. Adding a couple of easy-to-take supplements to your daily food intake and exercise regim could go a long way towards keeping you healthy – and sane. Feeling your very best starts from within and self-care is the key to living a happy and healthy life and we’re here to make that easier for everyone.