• Complements the action of ARVs – more support for low CD4 count patients.
  • Our natural nutritonal supplements Imagine A, B, & J, provide the body with nutrients that might be lacking in the diets of those that have diminshed capacity to have a balanced normal diet or have an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Medications like Antiretrovirals deplete many of the micronutrients necessary to keep the body healthy.
  • Imagine contains a selection of very rare and powerful anti-oxidants to act as free radical scavengers. The free radicals are dangerous because of their reactive oxygen that produces the equivalent of iron rust in the body. It contributes some of the antioxidants that the body does not get from an ordinary diet.
  • Imagine product works in harmony with the body by providing natural spare parts to replace lost nutrients and damaged cells and tissues.

Conclusion: As a holistic product, Imagine Life works on rebalancing the whole body and so overall feeling of well-being.

  • Today, we know that there are more than 20 organic molecules called vitamins. each of which has a different chemical structure and role in the body.
  • There are two distinct groups of vitamins those that are soluble in water (vitamin C and all B – vitamins) and are distributed throughout all watery components of the cell; and those that are soluble in fat (vitamins A, D, E, and K), which are found mostly in cell compartments rich in fat, such as the membranes.
  • Although they are critical to sustain life, vitamins are mostly not produced bodies.
  • Imagine Life works on the concept that health is determined at the level of the many cells in the body Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients are needed for the thousands of biochemical reactions that take place continuously in each cell, and a chronic deficiency of these essential nutrients is the most frequent cause of disease.
  • An optimum intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients consequently the key to achieving optimum health and preventing the development of chronic diseases
  • Imagine has a wide range of nutrients at different levels and so uses the concept of nutrient synergy. Nutrient Synergy maximizes the health benefits of micronutrients because they work best in “teams”. It is not the intake of any one single nutrient that ensures full health, but the intake of a complete spectrum of various different micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements The effectiveness of this approach has been confirmed in independent research.
  • Nutrient Synergy is the most effective approach to optimizing cellular metabolism and restoring its balance, and has repeatedly shown that this approach is more effective than using individual nutrients or their random combination.

It is not possible to achieve the same effects of genuine Imagine Life products by using individual ingredients, because the secret of them lies in the carefully controlled levels in which the nutrients are combined.

If you are taking Imagine Life when you are suffering from a particular condition, once you have recovered from the illness then it can be ceased. However, if you continue taking Imagine Life you may take one or two capsules a day. It helps to maintain general health.

Imagine A, B and J come as tablets or capsules. These are not sweet but can be crushed or cut open and mixed with food or honey to aid swallowing. For children, there is the syrup which is sweetened with honey.

No. Imagine Life only comes as capsules, tablets and syrup.

Yes, they can be taken together. Imagine A can be taken on its own.
The Recommended Daily Intake is stated on a label. Imagine Life Tablets and Capsules (A, B, J): Route of administration – Oral Adults and children over 12 years of age (A, B, J): One or Two tablets daily with water or milk. Imagine Syrup: Route of administration – Oral Children with age of 3 – 6: One teaspoonful (5ml) daily. Adults and Children with age of over 6 years: Two teaspoonfuls (10ml) daily.

This should be taken for a period of 3 months after which a review should be taken. The lower standard dose should then be taken – i.e. 1 tablet x 2 times per day or 1 tablet x 3 times per day.

Urine may be yellow as a result of the flavonoids. Tingling sensation is sometimes felt with Imagine A capsules. This happens if not taken after a meal and usually disappears after a while.

Stated on label. – “Do not take on an empty stomach”.

  • Imagine product is a “Herbal Supplement” only guidance is given. As a supplement, Imagine product is a full-fledged product and as so it works on the body as a whole. Even if you have a particular ailment, the process of working is the same. Imagine products will work to rebalance the entire body.
  • Although it is not a treatment or cure, guidance is given on how to take Imagine products. The higher level dosages may be taken for 3 months and then move to the lower dose of 1 or 2 tablets 2 to 3 times a day.

Consider these questions:

  • How does food help the body to heal itself?
  • Can we go back to Nature? Look at the foods it provides.
  • What are the origins of health and disease?
  • Compare our current habits to the previous generations. How have we changed?


  1. Human life was meant to be sustained by the use of nutrients from natural sources.
  2. Source the foods mainly from plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.
  3. It is these nutrients that the body requires to build the tissues used to renew it and replace those that are damaged.