Why should you become a Distributor of Imagine Life Nutritional Food Supplements?

What are the benefits of being a distributor? You gain all the economic benefits associated with the distribution and sale of the popular imagine life product range. If you are the first in a particular country, you would have all the advantages of introducing the product etc. However, even if a product has already been introduced, there is plenty of scope for benefit. How much does the initial stock of Imagine life cost? For information on the pricing of Imagine life to distributors, please contact us at info@imaginelife.com. We have made every effort to keep the prices as low as possible so that worldwide distribution is encouraged, particularly in developing countries. What assistance do distributors get from the main team for promotions etc.? We will provide videos, audio tapes and diskettes with promotional materials that you can print out and give out to people. We also put your name on the website as a distributor. Are there any incentives for recruiting other distributors? You will have complete independence in managing the distribution in your regions and setting up your own business structures. We would like to know the retail price. Can distributors negotiate deals with Corporates/ Pharmacies/ Clinics directly? Yes. We would like to make imagine life widely available. We also try to generate an uniform pricing system in each country to avoid confusion. Are distributors allowed to sell in other countries other than the ones they are registered for? Yes. In some cases, this has to be in liaison with the agent we have in the region. However, there are no monopolies or controls in any regions. The objective is to make imaginelife available to a wide range of people at the lowest possible price. At what stage does the imagine life Team visit the countries? We like to support all our agents and so we would advise that initially you have radio shows that we can phone into from the UK – we do this all the time with the US and Jamaica. Then you generate the interest for the attendance at a week long range of seminars once you have the base of knowledge established in the region. We will visit when you have this but will support you by phoning into the radio shows etc. Who is responsible for conference/ seminar arrangements? Grace Ssali (Public Relations Director) and Christine Kas (Marketing Director) will be responsible for coordinating the dates with you. Types of Franchisees AND Supporting Services:

  • Platinum Plus Package
  • The Main Local Distributor MLD
  • Country Representative of MH

Naturally, we expect every MLD to invest in this opportunity. The Head Office of MH will identify the MLD based on the following qualifications, this is needed if MH want to ensure they have a right kind of distributor to generate sales and maintain brand awareness consistently. MLD must be able to conform to MH REGULATIONS AND EXPECTIZE Platinum Plus Distributors Profile: This is a very important business development role with MH, It’s a business opportunity for that MLD, This business is dependent on MH sales and marketing strategist working hand in hand with MH to develop and create a recognized brand in that country. This business is responsible for supplying all the various products of MH in that country. All subsequent orders from assigned business packages place orders from the MLH. MLD – Preferably has to come from herbal industry background with experience in herbal trading locally. This MLD agrees to adhere to all the terms and conditions.

Key Distributor Acrononim

RTLD (Regional Support)

Establish and Coordinate  the  Sales and Marketing activities ensuring distributers are established accordingly as per sales


Coordinate regional sales operations through the support of IMAGINE Channel management team for the region

Responsible the financial investment required for product distribution as per channel requirement in region.

Marketing activities to be performed by the RTLD

through the support and direction of IMAGINE channel management support team.

Responsible for the coordination and organization of regional training programs.

Responsible for ensuring price consistency distributers

Responsible for product ordering for the region including product distribution.

Responsible for regional sales target through IMAGINE Channel Management support

Provide efficient customer service support to regional distribution channel and end user

Perform quarterly regional distributer appraisal assessments to ensure customer satisfaction.

Attend all regional sales meeting held by IMAGINE

Responsible for organizing regional seminars on business opportunities with IMAGINE.

RTLD Regional Territory Local Distributor(Local Implementation & Support)

Responsible for establishing IFFP and IFFP LMT within local territory  ensuring all local regional territories are well represented

Responsible for the setting up of IFFP and IFFP-LMT

Responsible for promoting IMAGINE products locally through the distributorship setup

Organise venue for local training for IFFP and IFFP-LMT distributers

Acquiring and building a targeted IFFP – IFFP –LMT distributor business opportunity partnership

Distributing in conjunction with MLRD product distribution strategy

Responsible for KYC and specific collection of approved revenue collections as per IMAGINE requirement

Responsible for ensuring stocks are adequately available across IFFP and IFFP-LMT.

Establishing and keeping up to date distributer contact data and sales activities of IFFP and IFFP – LMT.

Complete the registration process for IMAGINE / MLRD you wish to represent and pay the registration fee,.

RLTD will register new distributors into his local distributor


The RLTD acts as a mentor and guides new  distributors

 through early stages of operating a IMAGINE distributer business.

IFFP – IFFP-LMT Individual Friends and Family Packages (Selling to Family & Friends)


The IFFP  consists of anyone who meets the set criteria to be an IFFP. The IFFP consists of Students, Individuals who wish to setup a small IMAGINE business.

The IFFP is responsible for setting up an online store utilizing the technological tools of IMAGINE to trade online selling IMAGINE and any other product

The IFFP agrees to conform with the terms and conditions of service, as they will be expected to perform supported sales tasks to ensure success

The IFFP is expected to invest from 500USD and above,

The IFFP will be trained to sell to friends and family as well as utilizing their online sales platform.

All IFFP sales order must be placed online from  the IMAGINE Sales Order Platform.


The IFFP – LMT  consists of market traders who have already market stalls in the local markets with customers who purchase daily from them.

The IFFP agrees to conform with the terms and conditions of service, as they will be expected to perform supported sales tasks to ensure success

The IFFP- LMT is expected to invest from 500USD and above,

The IFFP- LMT will be trained to upsell to their existing client base and also acquire new business through the sales training to be offered by IMAGINE Sales operational team

All IFFP-LMT will be provided with a sales order book and will report directly to the RLTD who is placed to oversee the sales and product support of the IFFP-LMT.

The IFFP – LMT are mostly illiterates who make up the majority who reach the low-end targeted market.

The Direct & In-Direct Distributor Channels




  • MLTD
  • RLTD
  • IFFP

The Direct & In-Direct Distributor Setup & Implementation Plan

Direct Channels

  • Counter Advertising Space
  • Product Ordering Value Qualification Plan
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Sales Order Agreement
  • Payment Ordering Process Setup
  • Payment
  • Stock Allocation
  • Action Plan

In-Direct Channels

  • Counter Advertising Space
  • Distributer Package Plan
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Sales Order Agreement
  • Payment Ordering Process Setup
  • Payment
  • Stock Allocation
  • Action Plan

Action Plan

  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Local Territory Mapping
  • Target Market
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Guarantor (If Applicable)
  • Agreed Proposed Sales Target
  • Revenue Expectation
  • Support Plan
  • Action Plan

Target Market

Target Market


Distributor Profile


Mapped Territory


The IMAGINE Sales Distribution Channel Overview

Become A Distributor Form

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